1. What is the point of Nudfy?

    Nudfy was created in response to widespread censorship of nudity elsewhere. Most other communities disallow nudity and we want to do our bit to fight the censorship of the human body.
  2. Can anyone share their photos on Nudfy?

    Mostly, yes. Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to use this service. Moreover, users are only allowed to share content if doing so is legal in the jurisdiction where they live.
  3. Do you accept all nude photos?

    No. Any photos depicting sexual activity, pornography, abuse, violence, or any illegal content is strictly prohibited. Photos with genitals as the main focus, as well as photos considered sexual in nature, are also prohibited.
  4. Do you accept non-nude/clothed photos?

    Profile photos do not need to contain nudity, but shared photos should either contain nudity or be related to the theme of nudity. Photos not related to the theme of nudity will be considered off-topic and removed. Clothed photos that relate to the theme are acceptable is they relevant.
  5. What about semi-nude and implied nude photos?

    Semi-nude and implied nude photos are treated the same way as fully nude photos for all purposes on Nudfy. Since topless photos of women (but not men) are still often censored elsewhere, we have decided to accept topless photos of both men and women in line with our policy on equality.
  6. Are there differences between what is considered acceptable for men and women?

    No. We fully believe in gender equality, so what goes for one must go for the other. Given that society often views genders differently, it is understandable that our users would think we do the same.
  7. Are there any other restrictions to sharing content?

    Any content that infringes on the rights of others, such as copyrighted material or photos taken without permission, are strictly prohibited.
  8. What are the different visibility levels when posting a photo?

    Public (default) - Everyone can see the photo
    Members - Only registered members can see the photo
    Unlisted - Only people who have the link can see the photo
    Private - Only the poster can see the photo
    Verification - Photo submitted for verification
  9. How do I get verified?

    Take a photo where your face, body and the word "nudfy" is visible, then upload it with visibility set to "Verification". Our team will review the photo and update your status accordingly.

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